Signal Inspector News


On this page I will document the progress of Signal Inspector in greater detail for those who are interested. I will also post some information on what features I am currently working on.


It has been eight years since the first and only release. The project is not under active development.

In the works

I'm currenly working on implementing all the features that should be in the final 0.3 release, the big ones being the noise generators and getting the logarithmic display working in the spectrogram. Documentation is also coming along nicely.

The greyed out sampler button has been removed since the sampler functionality will not be making it for the 0.3 release. I have some of it implemented, but there is just too much work left and I'd rather have a polished version of Signal Inspector out first.

0.3.0 d1 - 2008-08-26

This is the first public release of Signal Inspector. While a great deal of work is left before 0.3 is final, I just had to get it out the door. The number of downloads have been a lot more than I expected, so a big thank you to all of you who have downloaded it!